Company Profile

Lakeshore Wooden Products is a full service source for quality wooden registers products established in 2004.

At Lakeshore Wooden Products we introduce, manufacture, market and distribute the latest, most unique wooden grilles and floor vents. At Lakeshore Wooden Products we utilize 3-D Computer Aided Design(CAD) and Computer Aided Machining(CAM) to manufacture products that will enhance the beauty of your wood trim or floor. You'll delight in our personalized service, attention to detail, accuracy and appreciation of your business. At Lakeshore Wooden Products we value each and every client and tailor our service to accommodate your specific needs on an individualized basis to ensure your satisfaction is met. Our expertise is freely available to you.

Lakeshore Wooden Products is pleased to offer a complete line of un-finished Wooden Grilles and Floor Grates. Offered in a variety of 4 different species. Choose from a wide range of sizes and styles. Our Wooden Registers are ready for your own stain choice. This is why they are the perfect finishing touch to any floor or wall!

SHIPPING: Lakeshore Wooden Products selects the most efficient means of shipping to ensure the most prompt and practical arrival of your order. Each order is custom made to your order, therefore allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, depending on your order.